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The Grapes

In January grapes start to get ripe, but is in the Fiesta de la Vendimia (Wine Festivity) when the harvest of grapes occur (late March).

The Wine Festivity or Vendimia start when a chosen person, accompanied by the sound of a drum or a cajon (national musical instrument), gives de proclamation throughout the wine cellar to go and check all the vineyards… the proclamations is more or less like this “by the order of Mr. X, is to know that tomorrow when the bells ring we will all go to check the vineyards” (they try to replicate how they initiate the Vendimia a long time ago).  The day chosen is considered a festivity and no one (except for the judge and invitees) are allow to enter the vineyards until the bells rang again indicating the closure is over,  All the invitees and judge visit the vineyard to taste the first grapes of that year´s harvest, and each one picks and takes the best bunch of grapes they can find as a sample.  An hour later, the bells rang again and everyone gets together to have breakfast and again the entrance to the vineyard is closed until grapes are crushed.  After, the chosen one, again accompanied by bells, makes a toast with everyone (invitees and workers) (with Pisco) to that year´s harvest and encourage them to start the harvest of the grapes.  At that moment, the harvest starts throughout the vineyard while a group of people start to prepare and cook several traditional dishes cooked with firewood.  After grapes are being collected and weighted, music and food take it´s place until you drop!

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