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Why La Confianza?


La Confianza is a ecologic Hotel with a collection of nice and picturesque cottages/bungalows built on a very ancient Vineyard and its winery built on 1908, La Confianza on the district of Catapalla, Lunahuaná.  La Confianza was a winery with more than a century of age and it maintains much of its original architecture like its beautiful façade and its main salon where the wine and pisco was bottled, Today it is our lobby and bar.  The walls are made of clay and dry plants, material very popular in the region.  It is known that Mr Queirolo (owner of the distinguish Queirolo Pisco) came on those years to this winery to buy our Pisco and then bottled with their name.  Also, La Confianza is located very near where the last battle between Peruvian and Chilean regiment took place before Chileans backed to the coast.  On the back of La Confianza existed a Inca Ceremonial Centre, you can take a walk and see some traces of it. La Confianza is surrounded by 8000 square meters of history and nature.

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Políticas Ambientales

Turismo ecológico o ambientalmente sustentable son términos bastante novedosos en nuestro país, comenzaron a utilizarse en los noventa con la ... Leer mas.


Telèfono: 968213093
Dirección: Lunahuaná, Peru

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