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Lunahuana becomes the perfect place for those who are looking for the perfect nature spot near Lima(2.5Hrs), adventure sports and a unique gastronomy. Lunahuana is a valley with the most beautiful river and sun every day of the year.

It’s the ideal place to travel and practice fun activities and sports such as rafting, canopy over the river, horse rides, visit Inca ruins (Inkawasi) and visit Pisco and wine wineries.

Located in the Valley of the Cañete River, in the district of Lunahuaná, 10 minutes away from the Major Plaza and on its way to the National Paisajistic Reserve of Nor Yauyos-Cochas (Huancaya).  Lunahuaná is located 2.5 hours south from Lima. La Confianza is located on the upper side of the left bank of the River Cañete which gives a unique sight of the whole valley up to the mountains of the Yauyo Sierra.
La Confianza is an ecological space in the middle of the field. If you are looking for a city hotel on the side of the road definitely this is not one of those. La Confianza is peace, food and Pisco in the same space.

You can get with you car by taking the south highway (Panamericana sur) to the 132 km where you will find an exit to Cañete. Then you should drive to San Vicente de Cañete and then Imperial. There you will find the road that takes you to Lunahuana. Following this path you’ll get to the 45.5 km called Catapalla.
In Catapalla you will see a bridge over your left hand, cross it and go through until you can turn right, it will take you to the plaza of Catapalla. There you will see some signs that will make you find La Confianza hotel.

If you are planning on taking the bus, you should go to the Soyuz bus company located in Ave. México 333, La Victoria and pick the one that goes to Cañete (cost $5 aprox). Once you get there you will be able to take a private taxi to the hotel (previously coordinated with us – cost aprox. $25) or you can go to Imperial and take a public bus to Catapalla, where you will have to walk aprox. 10 minutes.

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Landscape Reserve of Nor Yauyos-Cochas

Four hours from Lunahuana we can found the province of YAuyos, with its 33 beautiful districts. Among them stand Huancaya and Vilca, for many one of the most beautiful places in the province and maybe one with the most breathtaking scenery in Peru.  Between Huancaya and Vilca, there are countless cascades, forests and lakes.  Between forests there are several waterfalls of clear water that contrast with the incredible green color of the lakes. Most important waterfalls are: Huallhua, Huarimarca y Huascacocha.  In the upper part of Vilca we can find the PapacocheLake that presents an impressing cascade where rocks are covered with electric green moss and in a forest of hlaumas, chachacomos y quiñuales…. (Local vegetation).

To try to describe these places or show pictures of this cascades and lakes will not be fair because of the immense beauty these have to offer.

Between Huancaya and Laraos we can find Alis district that has several natural attractions such as the impressive Canyon of Uchco, and immense “Throat” made of stone of aprox 200 meters of extension.   Laraos also has its beauties.  Its surprising ancient andenes used until these days to maximize the use of agricultural land in mountains can be seen from the the base to the peak.

This dazzling view has been the reason why on May 1 of 2001 the Landscape Reserve of Nor Yauyos-Cochas was created on a 221,268 hectares.

Políticas Ambientales

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