To achieve a more complete experience, full of adventures, surrounded by the natural wonders of Lunahuaná; we recommend you choosing these unique and truly amazing activities that you can experience in the areas next to the hotel. We suggest visiting the most attractive sites to achieve a true connection with nature, a promise offered by La Confianza.


This adventure guarantees tons of fun and adrenaline. This is one of the most traditional outdoor activities in the area, you will enjoy this exciting and motivating experience, so go ahead and dominate the river Cañete!

Horseback Riding:

In this activity you will be able to appreciate more closely the scenic wonders of the routes along the picturesque path of Catapalla, As well as being able to connect with nature, you will also do it with friendly horses that will guide you to the most ancient and historical sites.

4 Wheel bikes:

If you want to fill yourself with euphoria and adrenaline, this is the perfect activity for you. Through the paths of stones and earth you can wander at your own taste and pace. You will be able to know and enjoy the panorama that these beautiful dust roads offer next to the rive while the overflight of the birds be the guides of your route.

Rappel Rock Climbing:

Thanks to the amount of rocks and the majesty of its size, rappelling is one of the most ideal activities to do on this trip, from the heights you will appreciate with greater perspective all the purity that these valleys have to offer, while you descend and you go back into it. You will reach to elevate your experience to another level.


Like the birds that fly over the great river Cañete you can feel this experience to an extreme full of adrenaline. From hill to hill the facilities are installed so that you can go at full speed through the cable that crosses them. You will be able to appreciate how great everything is and how, at the same time, you are part of that. The mountains, the river, the trees that look like giant from the ground, become attainable and close at the same time.