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The fresh air and the vigority of the sun come in through the bungalow´s windows, the sound of the river is interrupted by birds singing.  This atmosphere and natural music invites you to relax and enjoy environment….

We have 2 kind or rooms: Wood bungalows and superior bungalows.

Our Wood made bungalows, have interior ceilings  made with knitted cane shoots from this area.  All of them have a terrace  with a view to the river.  Imagine paradise where you can enjoy not only nature but also superb food and a wide variety of beverages made with Pisco.We have double bed bungalows or twin bungalows.

Our superior bungalows have a view from a higher perspective of the river and surroundings.  These bungalows have Queen bed and are bigger. We only have Queen bed in the superior bungalows and you can also book an extra bed.

In Lunahuana you can enjoy sunny days all year long.


Políticas Ambientales

Turismo ecológico o ambientalmente sustentable son términos bastante novedosos en nuestro país, comenzaron a utilizarse en los noventa con la ... Leer mas.


Telèfono: 968213093
Dirección: Lunahuaná, Peru

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