On the road to Lunahuaná is worthy you leave your cell phone aside and appreciate the beautiful lanscape. The closer you get to Catapalla, the more connected with nature you will feel and the more disconnected from routine. The vegetation, the grape crops, the rurality of the houses and the sound of the river, let you know that you are reaching the place you were looking for. Sun all year and privileged by the landscapes and the wonder of the river that runs through the whole place, Lunahuaná is the ideal option for those who seek to get closer to nature, learn about history and appreciate the antiquity, just two and a half hours from Lima .

La Confianza is perfectly located in the middle of the countryside and nature, in the valley of the Cañete river, in the district of Lunahuana, 15 minutes from the Plaza de armas and on the way to the national landscape reserve Nor Yauyos-Cochas (Huancaya) . La Confianza has a unique view throughout the valley, at the same time that you discover the mysteries that hide the hills of the Sierra de Yauyo. It is an ecological space, away from the technology, routine, and stress of the city. If what you are looking for is to disconnect from reality and eliminate the stress that this causes, this is the ideal place.

How to get?

Private transport

Private transportation: To get to La Confianza from Lima, you must take the Panamericana Sur until the Km 132 where you will take the exit that will take you through the old Pan-American to San Vicente de Cañete. Then it will pass through the district of Imperial following the signs that guide it to Lunahuaná. Once in Lunahuaná, go to its last annex (District) called “Catapalla” (Km 45.5), where the river is crossed by a bridge and then reach the small main square of Catapalla. From the main square, take the path that is on the side of the church, which will take you to La Confianza (5 minutes). This trail is safe and all kinds of cars and SUV can transit on it, you should only pass a small ravine where you will start to feel that you are really traveling.

Public transport

Public transport: If you wish, you can hire private transportation from Lima that will take approximately two and a half hours, the cost is approximately $ 100 dollars, for up to 4 passengers. If you plan to come by bus, you should go to the Soyuz company located at 333 Ave., La Victoria and choose the bus that goes to Cañete (it costs $ 5 approx – they leave every 20 minutes). Once in Cañete you can take a taxi to the hotel (previously coordinated – Cost approx $ 25) or you can take a taxi to the Imperial bus stop and take a public bus to the Catapalla bridge (approx. 30 minutes), where you will have to walk or take a horse about 15 minutes until you reach the hotel.